Pain Control Solutions

Pain Control SystemsAre you suffering from chronic pain? Pain is considered chronic when it lasts more than 3 months and extends beyond the expected healing period. It can be caused by injury, disease, and by another ailment.

The symptoms of chronic pain can make it hard to perform daily activities from cleaning the house, maintaining an active lifestyle, or keeping up with your kids.

At our Thorold Stone Location, our pharmacists are specially trained to help you manage chronic pain so you can start feeling better about your health.

Come in for a private one-on-one consultation. We will evaluate your pain symptoms, review any medications that you are currently taking and advise and adjust medication while recommending treatment options.

We are here to provide you with customized care. We will work with you to manage everyday wellness as well as complex conditions.

Want to learn more about how we can help you manage chronic pain? Contact Us today and one of our pharmacy team members will contact you with more information.