Our Team

Sean Simpson


Sean Simpson is co-owner of Meadows Pharmacy along with Enrico Simone, both having taken ownership of Meadows Pharmacy in April of 2015. Sean brings a wealth of pharmacy knowledge and community building experience through his other two family owned pharmacies in the Niagara-on-the-Lake region. Along with his extensive pharmaceutical knowledge, Sean's also deeply engaged in his expansive knowledge of vitamins, supplements and alternative remedy products.

When time allows, Sean loves spending time with his family, and many types of outdoor sports. 

Enrico Simone


Enrico Simone is delighted to have recently purchased Meadows Pharmacy along with partner Sean Simpson in April of 2015. An existing pharmacy owner and Pharmacist in St. Catherines, Enrico brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the Meadows Team, and enjoys learning new and different ways of doing things in front and behind the pharmacy counter. He's excited to serve and assist new customers in the Niagara region. 

When not at the pharmacy, Enrico enjoys sports of all kinds, including hockey, skiing, snowboarding, golf, fishing, water skiing, and more!


Pharmacist Manager - Meadows IDA 5 Corners

After graduating from the University of Waterloo, Marcus was hired by Meadows Pharmacy as a Pharmacist and now serves as the Pharmacy Manager at our 5 Corners location. 

In his spare time, Marcus can be found going for long nature walks or relaxing at one of the many wineries in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Pharmacist Manager - Meadows IDA Mount Carmel

George is a top of his class graduate from the University of Toronto.  He has a friendly smile and laid back relaxed demeanor and enjoys solving problems and going above and beyond for customers at both Meadows locations. 

When George isn't working, he can be found shooting hoops and listening to music.


Pharmacist - Mount Carmel Centre

Holly has been a pharmacist at Meadows Pharmacy for 20 years. In that time, she has enjoyed the relationships she has built both with fellow staff members and customers alike.


Registered Technician - Mount Carmel Centre

Bev loves that Meadows Pharmacy IDA is an independent Pharmacy, which means the focus is on the customers and not on quotas. This allows her to freely spend as much time is needed with each person that comes in the door – no rushing!

Her job satisfaction extends to her equal enjoyment of time well spent at the trailer, where she loves to relax and swim. In town you’re find her entranced with her gardening around the house.


Registered Technician - Meadows IDA 5 Corners

Lori has over 21 years of Pharmacy experience.  Lori sites her current hobbies as 'studying' as she's been working towards her Pharmacy Technician certification over the last three years. With a background in PCCA Training, merchandizing, and accounting, Lori continues to bring a wealth of knowledge to the Pharmacy. She also enjoys teaching part time in the Pharmacy Technician program at Mohawk College.


Pharmacy Assistant - Meadows IDA 5 Corners

Dana loves going to the gym, golfing, and spending time with her family. She also loves to spend time with her "second family" at Meadows Pharmacy and has worked as a Pharmacy Assistant since 2009. 


Pharmacy Assistant - Mount Carmel Centre

Sarah always has a smile and is one of the many friendly faces you'll meet at Meadows Pharmacy. She enjoys laughing throughout the day along with her "family" of fellow colleagues, while excelling within the professional atmosphere of the pharmacy. 

Find her jogging along the streets of Niagara to stay fit, or reading (everything!) and listening to all types of music (ALL types!)


Customer Service - Mount Carmel Centre

Laurie is always cheerful and quick to add a funny or encouraging remark. Her many years of service at Meadows Pharmacy have made her a store favorite among staff and customers, many of whom she knows well since starting in 2002. 

Outside of the store, Laurie enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren



Dorothy keeps the books inline and in order, and has been doing so since 2009. As she puts it, "I love the numbers", which is most apparent in her enjoyment of her job. She couldn't do it without the fun and camaraderie she feels with the rest of the staff though, making each day enjoyable.

At home she's still in the books, but this time it's literary. Fiction, action, romance or history, she loves to read it all.


Weight Loss Consultant

Lindsay recently moved to the Niagara Region where she graduated from the Fitness and Health Promotion Program. She is a certified personal trainer as well as a Weight Loss Consultant at Meadows Pharmacy. Her goal is to make healthy living not only a passion but a lifestyle and she believes with dedication, hard work and a good attitude anybody can achieve their health and wellness goals. Let Lindsay Customize a Therapeutic Nutrition program specifically for you.


Front Store Manager - Meadows IDA 5 Corners

Need help? Laura is the perfect person to ask. She's the Front Store Manager and knows how almost everything works at Meadows Pharmacy. Her over 11 years of experience here makes ordering products, seasonal planning and finding just the things you're looking for seem easy. 

She enjoys a great book, taking long walks and socializing with family and friends.


Front Store Manager /Home Health Care Specialist

Maria is our Front Store Manager/ Home Health Care Specialist at our Mount Carmel Centre Location. 

Maria enjoys giving back to the community as she has been coaching youth five pin bowling for the past 20 years and is involved with Niagara Falls Girls Hockey. She also volunteers for the Breakfast Program and is on the Parent Council at Father Hennepin School.


Receiver- Meadows IDA 5 Corners

Raffaela enjoys working here at Meadows Pharmacy. She finds the Receiver position challenging but enjoys learning more everyday and likes the fast pace of the job.

When Raffaela is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family, loves watching her boys play hockey and likes to go out walking.


Customer Service - Mount Carmel Centre

Josie enjoys her time with the customers as well as merchandising the store. Her over 13 years of experience at Meadows Pharmacy has brought a great appreciation of the inner pharmacy workings, making her the perfect person to ask if you need any assistance. 

Along with her pharmacy expertise, Josie was once a professional hair stylist and still enjoys keeping up to date with latest fashions and hair trends... and with one look at her you can tell. She also loves yoga and almost any type of music – quiz her musical knowledge!


Customer Service

Debra comes to us with an abundance of Customer Service after retiring from the Casino in Management after 20 years. She brings her "love of life" and her enthusiasm for people. A mom of four and grandma of eight! along with her two chihuahuas. Her motto "Live Life to the Fullest+ Don't sweat the Little Things".


Customer Service


Customer Service - Mount Carmel Centre

Sue is celebrating 50 years of working in retail.  She began her career as a teenager working at an IDA pharmacy and hopes to finish her career here at Meadows Pharmacy.  Being a people person, Sue enjoys meeting new customers and interacting with the regulars. She particularly respects that Meadows Pharmacy appreciates their customers and goes the extra mile to accommodate people.

Having no green thumb, Sue is the "weeder" in the family and enjoys relaxing in the backyard and entertaining visitors.


Pharmacy Assistant - Mount Carmel


Customer Service - Meadows IDA 5 Corners

Jessica likes working at Meadows Pharmacy because of our smaller retail environment.  It allows her to get to know both the staff and customers well which she enjoys.